The Second Pregnancy: Almost Done, Almost Done

We were at a friend’s house and her three year old snapped this picture of me.

When people ask for recent pictures, I try to pick something that involves makeup and an adult photographer. But this toddler snapshot resonated. It’s the clearest picture of how I’m feeling right now—at this moment and in too many other moments to count.

I’m trying to enjoy the remaining weeks of this second pregnancy, because who knows if I’ll ever be pregnant again. And I know that once the baby comes, things will get harder. I’ll turn into that sleep-deprived crazy lady. Right now the baby is cozy, doesn’t cry, and gets fed automatically. But I’m still so, so tired and I can only pick up items off the floor if they’ll fit through a vacuum hose.

Things seem to be slip sliding away: makeup, pants without holes in them, shirts that fit, daily showers. Thank goodness I have a steady pair of earrings and a gold-nest necklace from Flaurena that make me feel human. I needed them these past couple weeks because I discovered I have ringworm. Ringworm. Really?*
But hey, I’m not on bed rest, so what’s a little fungus going to do?

*Note: If you’ve seen me lately don’t worry. You’ll be happy to know it’s been treated and I’m not contagious.

Please share your strategies on how to stay sane when the second baby arrives!

21 responses to “The Second Pregnancy: Almost Done, Almost Done

  1. I know just the thing: a visit from Auntie Fizgig who will share in foodie delights and diaper changes (though hopefully not simultaneously!)

    Thanks for the flaurena™ shout-out, sweet thang.

    You look blooming marvellous, by the way!

  2. At least blooming! That’s for sure. 🙂 And a visit from Auntie Fizgig will be just what the doctor ordered!

  3. I love the photo! It truly does capture what one feels like at the end of the pregnancy (although I imagine you would look fabulous if certain parts of the picture weren’t blurry. 🙂 )

    I hear you on trying to capture these last couple weeks of being pregnant. I try and remember that this is the last time I will ever know being pregnant and that I will actually miss it when he is actually here. However, when I am feeling my worst that just makes me get all snarky and say things like, “thank goodness I am never doing this again” and “what the hell was I thinking in the first place?” and the whole capture the moment thing goes out the window. 🙂 Needless to say I am having a whole lot more snarky moments lately than I would prefer.

    It stinks that you are feeling lousy too! I hope that it is just a small phase right now and you get a few more weeks before you reach the “just get this baby out of me already” stage. Hugs to you!

    • So funny, because I was just thinking today that my mechanism that filters out the snarky comments and sarcasm is starting to sputter. Hopefully I will get it back in 3-6 months…? Please! 🙂

  4. No advice, just wondering how I’m going to make it, too! 🙂

  5. Love the picture! Ringworm? Oh, I’m so sorry. I am so excited that you are almost there! Good for you for trying to enjoy the last few weeks. I never could. I much prefer the other side (sleepless crazy lady days and all).

    • Well then you must share your sanity tips (beyond having low expectations, which I have already adopted). 🙂 Really! Your fans would like to know how it’s done, from someone who has four kids nonetheless!

  6. I can certainly relate to the Flaurena aspect of your post! I’ve been wearing her pieces to work! I may not be pregnant but I feel like there is fire in the hole (No pun intended on the wildfire which caused me to vacate to my son’s house–I ate too much spicy food again!) and that the whale has been beached!

    That word on the shirt “harmony” says it all! Everything will fall into place…You’ll see…Hang in there! You do look great!

    • You make me laugh, as usual. Thanks for the positive reinforcement! …and keep rocking your Flaurena jewelry!

      • 😀 Funny you should say that…I was singing songs from the “Jagged Little Pill” album when I went into an anti-social moment at work today (due to some serious Freudian slips on other’s parts and it was not my co-workers–it was some guy that ticked me off. I volunteered to stock the ENTIRE cooler. Got finished in 40 minutes–and was wearing the topiary pendant! LMAO! I usually don’t sing from that genre, but that “You Oughtta Know” song was reverberating through my mind today…Then “Ironic”…

  7. This reminds me to go flip the groaning cheese! Tell your worm he doesn’t get any. 😉

  8. Hey Evelyn,

    I don’t have any pregnancy/baby-related advice for you, but I sure can imagine the HUGE smile on your face when you see K-Pants holding his baby sister/brother for the first time! No amount of makeup or jewellery will make you feel more happy and blessed!

    Continue enjoying the last few weeks of your second preganancy!

    Love, Lalita

  9. The pics of me at the end of my pregnancy with #2 are all pretty horrifying.

    The best advice I can give you is this:

    1. Set limits. People will want to visit, but make sure your family can decide when your home is off-limits to visits/calls. Open for business 8am-8pm? 10am-6pm? Decide & advertise. Do you want overnight help, but don’t want 3 overnight guests at once? Stand firm. Grandma CAN come alone, if that’s all you want for the 1st week.

    2. That being said….Line up help. RIGHT NOW. Not help with the baby, but help with you, your house, and K-pants.
    – Ask for meals in your freezer, to be dropped off, for whomever will visit daily/stay with you to cook and stick food in your face throughout the day.
    – Ask for someone to help pick up the house. Hire a cleaning lady for a month. Whatever. Just take ‘cleaning’ off your plate.
    – Set up play dates. Get Big Brother out of the house. Whether it is a camp or play dates or a sleepover at someone’s house? Keep him busy with so much fun that he forgets to cling to you and forgets to hate that his new little sibling is sucking away some of his attention. 😉
    – Is there a local kid who can be your Mother’s Helper once Husband needs to go back to work? It is summer and all 11-13yo girls love a little cash. She can come a couple times a week to play with K-pants and keep an ear on baby while you shower. Or nap. The best $5/hr you’ll ever spend.

    If you ask? People WILL LOVE to help you. Making someone a lasagne or dropping off a salad or swinging by to help clean up toys and do a load of laundry is so not a big deal. If I was local, I’d come with my kids so they could entertain yours while I vacuumed the house & stuffed a few groceries in your fridge.

    3. Also: stock up. Get your house as fully stocked with all the basics as can fit: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, razors, detergent, dish soap, tissues, Tylenol, dry foods, and so on. You do not want to run out of something silly while you’re solo with a newborn who eats every 10 minutes and a preschooler, and have to drive to Target on 3 seconds sleep.

    I’m not saying your husband will fall off the face of the earth, but he’s also going through becoming a parent to a 2nd kid. He is going to be a little overwhelmed and tired, too. So book your help, your back-up now! Trust me, it is nothing to ask of friends/family, and will make the first month or two much easier on all of you.

    Good luck! This is such a special time, try to get your ducks lined up but don’t drive yourself crazy. Seeing your kids’ relationship grow is something amazing to watch.

  10. When I brought my second son, Brian, home from the hospital, Eric (the oldest–who was about 3 at the time) poked out his bottom lip, teared up and said, “I wanted a baby sister!” My sister in law took Brian, who was “papoose wrapped” and said, “Well, we can take him back then!” and then Eric got wide-eyed with alarm and yelled, “Oh no! That’s okay! I’ll keep him!”

    I thought of that when I read Lalita’s response! Kids are a trip! 😀

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