Summer Burgers

A few days ago my husband had a long day at work. So it was the perfect excuse to make some of his favorite things: crispy roasted potatoes, burgers, and grilled onions. Plus, I’d had burgers on the brain since my friend Kylan said she was busting out the grill.

Finally the grilling season is in full swing!

We don’t actually have a barbecue because you couldn’t fit a grill on our fire escape in the Bronx. Currently we’re waffling between buying a charcoal grill or a gas grill (your thoughts are appreciated).

For now I sear my burgers on the stove top, then add a little water to the pan, turn down the heat, and cover those bad boys to finish cooking with steam–perfectly moist!

These burgers were ground beef with the following seasonings: black pepper, red pepper flakes, oriental mustard powder, garlic, and a few tablespoons of olive oil to stick it all together. Pretty much your standard burger plus a spicy kick. We used kale, tomatoes, and grilled onions on a whole wheat bun to complete the package!

It was delicious, but there’s still a lot of grilling ahead, and I need inspiration. Please, tell me what you do! Share a great recipe or your favorite grilling tip…


6 responses to “Summer Burgers

  1. I prefer either type of grill, but the gas ones seem to pay for themselves later because you don’t have to rush out and buy charcoal all the time. However, with the charcoal grill, you can add hickory chips and such for a different flavor…It just depends on what you prefer. I think the clean up on a gas grill is much easier too.

    • Well-balanced. The clean-up is a big consideration given that we’re about to have two munchkins. However, those hickory chips sound delicious. How’s the BBQ-ing down in Texas??

      • Awwww man! We have a burn ban because of the wildfires…Can’t have a grill going outside right now…I’ll have to get the indoor version…The restaurants can do it because they have waivers or something from the state–but it cannot be done in parks or apartment complexes in high danger zones right now from what the Forest Service is saying…I’m so sick of these things! I have got to get back toward either Austin or the coast or just change my latitude altogether (no–not referring to Corona here!) and go somewhere where rain is NOT a tourist attraction! Ha! 😀

  2. Charcoal! Charcoal! Charcoal! The taste is soooo much better with charcoal. Gas doesn’t even taste like BBQ. I know you. You’ll be disappointed with gas. Don’t do it.

  3. We have a gas grill and the ease of being able to just turn it on and cook is why we wouldn’t do charcoal. We are actually going to be buying a new grill because our cheap one that we bought back in ’04 has started to fall apart. There should be some good sales next weekend thanks to Father’s Day.

    As far as a burger goes, our current favorite “fancy” burger is the Ranch Burger. We use regular bread crumbs instead of the saltines though.

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