Photo Saturday: Horses in Hood River

Last weekend we were in Hood River, Oregon, an hour west of Portland. The Hood River Valley spans from the base of Mount Hood to the Columbia River, and it’s phenomenally beautiful.

Hood River boasts the state’s best wind surfing, great breweries, and some of the most productive fruit orchards.

In a former life I used to play with ponies in Hood River. (That didn’t translate so well in the New York City where I took up change-bell ringing instead.)

On Sunday we stopped at my trainer Tedi’s new barn, which doesn’t have a snooty name yet, but is unofficially known as “Tedi’s Barn of A Million Rules.”  It’s probably worth following the rules if this is what you get.

4 responses to “Photo Saturday: Horses in Hood River

  1. I left a little part of my heart at a barn in Oregon. I hope to go back and visit someday too – even if mine doesn’t have such spectacular views!

  2. These are beautiful! And you’re in a place that has SEASONS! All TX has right now is heat and fires! Man, I think I’m going to win the lottery and say “Arivaderce!” and go! I can’t spell it but we all know what I mean! 😀 Thanks for sharing! I love the horses too!

  3. tucson annie

    Are you going to get a pony even though you moved to Oregon? Way to have your cake and eat it too!!!!!

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