On Turning 30

My birthday is coming up and it’s a big one: I’m turning thirty.

I think I have a lot of flexibility in how to approach this birthday because I recall that forty is the new thirty. Or was it fifty is the new thirty? I’ll have to check with the AARP.

Either way it’s way better than 600 years ago when ten was the new thirty.

So I figure I have about twenty years of my thirties until I really hit my stride.

Plus, when I look around I see that the thirties can be pretty awesome. Take my husband. In his thirties he met me, I stalked him, we went to India, got married, and had K-Pants.

By far the best decade of his life.*

*He hasn’t read the blog since we moved, so I feel pretty secure making these claims.

The other nice thing is that even though more people depend on me now than in my twenties, things are simpler. I know what I want: family. I know that I can set my own terms for the work I do and that I can take some time to enjoy my current flexibility.

All I really need is a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated so I can find out what the nerd chefs have been up to. And maybe a personal stylist.

So I feel good about entering my thirties, and about the fact that I have a few decades to enjoy them. Especially because turning thirty needs a big party, but it’s not happening this time. Being knocked up and wanting to nap all the time doesn’t match up with my plans for an all-night bar crawl. But watch out in 2021 for your invitation to my surprise thirtieth bash at the Bellagio in Vegas.

Any thoughts or good stories to share from your thirties?


18 responses to “On Turning 30

  1. For me, life really began after 30. I felt I was really flailing during my 20s. And 29 was the worst year of my life. No complaints. Looking forward to what life will throw at me.

  2. I would agree that this has been the best decade of Dinesh’s life 🙂

  3. Since it is happening to me in a matter of weeks, I HAVE TO BELIEVE that 50 is the new 30! Happy Birthday…

    • Definitely! And might I suggest that in five years we get together for our 30th birthday five year reunion party? It will be an event to remember…


    I love my 30s. I agree with Notabilia, I was not so good in my 20s. I had to do a lot of growing up, even though it looked like I had it all together from the outside. I am more confident about who I am and what I want and know how to get there (something that I didn’t have the means to do in my 20s).

    How did I celebrate turning 30? A group of about 8 friends and I went to “The Kitchen” in Sacramento (http://www.thekitchenrestaurant.com/) definitely one of those at least once in your lifetime type experiences. We ate and drank (and drank some more). It was amazing. I highly recommend doing something fantastic….even if you have to wait till munchkin #2 is here.
    (BTW- I turn 34 on Wednesday!)

    • Oh, yum! The Kitchen sounds amazing. That’s kind of what I had in mind before we moved and I got pregnant. So I’ll have to get your advice on where in Portland I can make something similar happen after baby #2!

  5. I was seven months pregnant with the twins when I turned 30, so I feel for ya. I always envisioned myself climbing a mountain or doing something spectacular for number 30. Instead I waddled from our car into the restaurant. But here’s to a great decade. PS- I just got back from the post office. There might be something on your door a couple of days from now.

  6. The Practical Cook

    Happy Birthday, and great thoughts here. The 30s have been the best decade by far for me–a time to tune out some of the outside noise inherent in the earlier decades. And a great time to take on a few more of those Cook’s Illustrated recipes!

  7. My thirties have been great (and I’ve lived through most of the decade already). As a thirtysomething, I’ve had two children, settled into my homes (two more times than I meant to, but third time’s a charm, right?), made great friends, discovered blogging, learned how to walk in heels, found out I can cook things that don’t come in a box, and negotiated a pretty reasonable part-time work schedule.

    My twenties were fun, but also hard and sometimes lonely. I feel a lot more “settled” in my own skin in my thirties.

    Really hoping the 4os turn out as well…

    • Three houses! Sounds like at least the 40s will be a bit less peripatetic, especially with that newly remodeled kitchen. You have to hang around to enjoy that! Thanks for the reflections!

  8. Welcome to the new age group, which is of course the best age group. Wish you were here, so we could at least get a huge cookie from Levain Bakery or a cream puff 🙂 So Kate and you also have birthdays few days apart. That’s pretty amazing coincidence. Have you checked Dinesh’s and Toby’s birth dates yet? Lol!

  9. I prefer my age now! In my 30’s I was rebuilding my life and riding a roller coaster (emotionally) while raising 3 sons and getting my degree. Now that I’m in my 40’s I am still working my fanny off, but I enjoy life now. I get told constantly I look like I’m in my 30’s so I believe that the 40’s are the new 30’s…I fully expect to not be the designated driver at the next bash I go to–when someone actually isn’t too bloody broke to throw one around here! 😀 Hey! I can wear heels again…Now there’s a thought–but not if I go to a party, that’s for sure! I’m klutzy enough without the drinking! Happy Birthday to you!

    • Sounds like I have a lot to look forward to–especially a party where I’m not the designated driver! 🙂 Let me know how yours goes. You deserve it (heels or no)!

  10. I just turned 30 too and I was so sick I had to cancel my party. Le sigh. Just means that there is a big party in my near future… I like your take on 30.

    I’m still dying to know how you came up with your name. I’ve never met another MOMSICLE.

    • Sorry about your party! 😦 I wanted a blog name that didn’t take itself too seriously and that also had some double entendre… So Momsicle: Something to Suck On was the winner! It can be taken in so many different ways. 😉

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