Guest Post: Toddler-Friendly Portland Brew Pubs

Do you know Mommy C? Let me introduce you. She is also the mom of one boy (Superman) with another on the way. We met pushing our strollers around at Baby Boot Camp. It turns out Mommy C is always up for adventure—a quality I am totally into. So I pressed her into action to help share Family Friendly Food Adventures in Portland. Who else could come up with a list of brew pubs you can take toddlers to? She has some other really great Portland restaurant suggestions and tips on searching out new places that you can find over at her blog Being Mom NOW.

Without further ado:

In the beginning…

When my husband and I moved to Oregon in 2008, we pretty much spent the first year eating our way through Portland.  We went out to eat at least once a week…usually to a restaurant in downtown Portland and never to a big chain restaurant.

Not giving up…

During the first few months with Superman, we were determined to try and continue to eat out as often as we could.  We believed (and continue to believe) that the more we were out and about with him, the better foundation we were setting for how to behave as he got older.  Looking back, we probably weren’t really setting a foundation for him as much in the beginning, as we were preparing ourselves for what was to come (I could do a whole post on packing for dinners out depending on the age of your child).

Where to go…

Lucky Lab

Portland: Various locations (NW, SW, NE…)

Here is a perfect example of a restaurant that doesn’t have a kids menu, but is great for kids.  The menu is pretty limited, but they don’t seem to care if you bring your food in for your toddler.  As it is my husband’s favorite causal spot to go to for a beer and some grub, Superman visited their beer hall on Quimby 5 or 6 times before he was even 3 months old.  In fact, he was kicked out of the beer hall one night because we were there after 9pm (completely zonked out).  They only knew he was there because I went to change his diaper.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland: Southeast on Powell

This place is the epitome of a kid friendly restaurant that parents want to go to.  Not only do they have amazing food and great beer, but they have a play area that you can see from most of the dining area.  If this place was on the west side, we probably would be there every other weekend.

Deschutes Brewery & Public House

Portland: Downtown in the Pearl

I think this was the first restaurant we went to when Superman was born…he was about a week old.  They have one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.  When we last went there Superman loved his food, although it did take a little bit longer than I would have liked to come out.  Fortunately, there were many, many other kids there to keep him entertained.


Portland: Various locations across the city & the burbs!

We go to Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (CPR), Rock Creek Tavern, and Grand Lodge because it is closest, but have been to Edgefield as well.  They have a great happy hour menu (perfect timing when eating with a toddler) so a slice of pizza or hummus and pita at CPR for dinner is easy.   Service can be kind of slow, but we go early and enjoy the atmosphere (there is SO MUCH to look at).  They are an even better location when it is nice out because they have great outdoor spaces for the kids.

Laurelwood Public House

Portland: Northeast (also in Battleground, WA & at the airport…)

It saddens me that they have closed their location off 23rd.  However, their location over on the east side is also kid friendly.  They have two play areas (one in each dining room) and although it isn’t on the website, they also have a kids menu.  Their Organic Free Range Red Shredded BBQ Pork sandwich is heavenly!


Go visit Mommy C and leave your thoughts for her below! Do you have something to contribute? Please let me know in the comments. I would love to feature your writing!


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5 responses to “Guest Post: Toddler-Friendly Portland Brew Pubs

  1. We love the vibe of the different McMenamins including the St johns joint with Tuesday Family night movies.

    • I haven’t been to any of the movie nights, but I remember hearing about them (and the mommy matinees) when I went to the new moms group at St. Vs.

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  3. Aztec Willie’s Taqueria on NE 15th & Broadway is one of our go-tos, they have a kids menu, and a glass-enclosed play area. And margaritas. The margaritas are very important!

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