Photo Thursday: Four Kids & Counting*

I just visited my best friend, her two boys, and newborn girl twins! Some days I like to imagine myself an amateur photographer, so here’s a visual post for a pleasant change. If you want some real advice on how to stay sane with a growing family, visit Hannah’s thoughts here.

*By four kids and counting I mean that her boys count really well. In fact, they share and play and sing and read really well, too. It’s crazy. K-Pants could learn a few things.





3 responses to “Photo Thursday: Four Kids & Counting*

  1. How does she do it?! I need some input! I have two boys and they drive me up the walls!! How…how….

  2. I might be biased but I think these are the cutest photos ever!

  3. A picture speaks a thousand words! Thank you for sharing these! They are good! The last one brings back some memories for me!

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