Cheap & Yummy Toddler-Friendly Diners in West Portland

I used to have a very generous restaurant budget. New York City is like a playground for your tongue with your wallet wagging happily behind.

But things changed. We moved to Oregon. Mr. Toddler Pants is a terrible fine dining companion. I use most of my billable hours to hang out with him, and he doesn’t pay well.

This would be disheartening, except that we both love to eat second breakfast and second lunch and sometimes second dinner. Our voracious eyes are always on the lookout for a new cheap and delicious meal (ideally somewhere they won’t hate us for our occasional outbursts).

Here are three West Portland spots that we will come slobbering back to:

Fat City Cafe

Portland: Multnomah Village

I think Hobbits make the biscuits here. Giant, fluffy, and out-of-this-world when topped with butter and honey. Breakfast food is the way to go (hey, they won an award for best hangover brunch, and K-Pants and I can dig that). Omelets are good; hash browns aren’t homemade, but as long as they’re crisp, Mr. Pants and I will clean our plates.

Skyline Restaurant

Portland: Northwest Hills

You can get a burger and fries for about $6 and the milkshakes are less than $4. There’s no pretense here—just straightforward diner food with 50s décor, comfy booths, and toys that kids can bring to the table.

Five Guys Burgers

Beaverton: Cedar Hills

No matter where you are, you probably have one of these nearby. For a Friday night dinner under $15 where you can take a cranky toddler pet and his emotional minder, it doesn’t get better. There’s noise and lots of activity, and the fries and burgers are great.

Family-Friendly Food Adventures is going to be a running series on Momsicle. If you would like to contribute or guest post, please let me know!
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13 responses to “Cheap & Yummy Toddler-Friendly Diners in West Portland

  1. Well, I don’t have toddlers anymore…Maybe someday I’ll have grandkids– a parent’s greatest revenge! However even if I take my 3 grown sons anywhere with me, it can still be an adventure. It gets kind of embarassing when they resort to being “boys” again. They do it on purpose when they are grown too and brag about it! My youngest one starts clowning around to where all can hear him just to watch me turn red! Then again, he’s going to be the kind of dad who will stick two straws up his nose in front of his kid(s) when he has them and do walrus impersonations–and he won’t care what type of restaurant it is either! He’s also the type of man who loves to be the life of a party. I feel a tremendous amount of empathy for whoever he marries because he thinks he can rap, too! That woman will have her hands full! ;-D Trust me!

  2. The plus side to my life is that I can eat out dirt cheap too now when I’m out and about! 😀 I’m big on breakfast food myself!

    • Breakfast is the best, most versatile meal and it’s the most economical. What’s not to love! I hope you embarrass your boys right back. That’s what mom’s are for, right??!! 🙂

  3. Evelyn (the other, East-coast, one)

    We are particularly fond of takeout these days. That way the offspring isn’t forced to remain in the high chair until we’re all done. Chipotle has to be our favorite – all of us can eat for less than $14!

    • Great call, East-Coast Evie! Might have to do Chipotle tonight. K-Pants and I do love us some chicken burrito.
      We just started taking K-Pants to restaurants (ones that have a high threshold for chaos). Before that I would run screaming the other direction before Mr. Pants even had the chance. But I hear you on take-out. Can’t beat it!

  4. The cool thing about Skyline Restaurant is that my parents ate there when they were kids and now their grandkids are eating there.

  5. We don’t have Five Guys in CA. I hear they are trying to out-do In-N-Out. I’m not sure how I feel about that… but I suppose if I was somewhere where there was no In-N-Out, I MIGHT try Five Guys. Maybe.

  6. When my husband and I moved to Portland we spent the first year eating our way through the city. Now that we have S we still want to go out, but are definitely limited to non-fine dining establishments. 🙂 We haven’t been to Fat City Cafe or Skyline so I am excited to have new places to try!

    Our new favorite spot (when we are up for the drive across the city) is Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB). It has some seriously good grub, great beer, and is the most kid (& parent) friendly place we have been to yet (nice play area, decent food for the kiddos, and beer- how can you beat that?).

    • Awesome! We haven’t explored East Side haunts yet, but I’ve heard that there are some great family-friendly brew pubs. Being pregnant tempers my enthusiasm, but maybe we can all go once the number twos are born. 😉

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