Last week, K-Pants and I packed up his limo and headed south to Eugene, Oregon in the lovely Willamette (Will-AM-et) Valley.

Eugene has approximately five registered Republicans. It is also home to the Oregon Ducks. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, recently built the Ducks basketball team an NBA-style arena where Elton John played.*

*In my family we are Oregon State fans, so that seems a little showy, don’t you think?

I lived in Eugene when I was little, and when my parents moved there from Humbolt County, California, Eugene seemed kind of conservative. Apparently people owned “work clothes.” But one of my earliest memories of Eugene was riding the bus to the fair with a topless lady. You be the judge.

In any case, it was time for me to get reacquainted with Eugene. And to get K-Pants some coffee.

After a quick stop at great-grandma Gigi’s on the way down for a chicken salad sandwich and a visit with her puppy, we arrived in Eugene, where–after a good night’s sleep–our friends Gretchen and Marisa rolled out the toddler shenanigan carpet. Here are four Eugene stops we recommend:

  1. Start your morning at The Daily Bagel. The bagels are soft and delicious. They are the size of a wall clock and a breakfast sandwich costs $3.50–half what it would at Noah’s.
  2. Pick up a plastic dump truck at Goodwill for $2.99. (That’s right, you’ve now had an egg sandwich and acquired a plastic vehicle for under what it costs to eat at Noah’s.)                                                                       
  3. Hit kid swim at Tamarack Wellness Center. The pool is a delightful 92 degrees. You may have a therapy pool near you, but are there elephant-sized beach balls and ladies breast-feeding everywhere? No, there are not. It costs $16 for up to five people. Don’t be afraid of the drowning babies in the website photo. They won’t really make you do that.
  4. Relax at Perugino Coffee and enjoy an incredible chocolate-chip–oatmeal cookie. Oh. My. Goodness. Perugino can seem a little too mid-life-hipster-chic on a weekday afternoon, but there’s a great semi-private fishbowl table up front that is perfect for kidlets.

I know some of my readers have lived in or visited Eugene, so please add your own must-see and must-eat spots!


8 responses to “Eugene-a-palooza

  1. Where is that mid-life hipster chic place again? Because I think I qualify!

  2. I’m glad you are exposing K-pants to Oregon’s finer locales. With any luck he’ll grow up to be a Duck!!! ;-P

    I used to do yoga at the Tammarack Wellness Center. It’s a crunchy kind of place. My recommendations:

    1) Allaan Brothers Beanery in the old Purina Mill on 5th Street – fabulous coffee in a cool old building and not too hipsterish, last I checked.
    2) Down to Earth Home & Garden shop – next door to the Beanery. Crazy fun place for kitchen goods, garden supplies, and other wonders.
    3) Burrito Boy – whatever you order, go wet (saucy).
    4) Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House – if you are in the mood for some history and culture. It’s the Victorian house museum I used to work at, so I have to give it a plug.
    5) University of Oregon… once you go quack, you’ll never go back!

  3. Well, that is one state I haven’t been to yet…I’ve been in 16 states and plan to see them all before I die–Alaska and Hawaii being last…Why? Fear of flying OVER WATER–not the cost of the plane tickets! I’ll keep these places in mind, too! As for the middle age hipster-chic thing, I’ll be happy to make it before I have a foot in the grave and another on a banana peel the way the economy is getting! LOL 🙂

  4. I giggled. But I’m nowhere near Eugene, so….Sigh.

  5. Don’t forget about Cafe Yumm!!! OHH and Maple Garden on campus for some mandarin chicken and msg =)


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