Song of the Suburbs: Oh, Beaverton!

In my last post about moving to Beaverton, Oregon, I fully admitted to my ingrained urban snobbery, which had been easy to bury for the last ten years as I wore skinny jeans around various downtown and ultra-urban areas.

Today I am here to eat my slice of humble pie (purchased from Trader Joe’s, of course) and explain why Beaverton, Oregon, is a pretty good place to live. (I tried to write great in that sentence, but I’m not there yet. Give it another six months to ten years.)

First, Beaverton is incredibly diverse, whereas Oregon is very, very white. Coming from the Bronx, I thought it would be milquetoast-city anywhere we went, but at our local park there are people from the Middle East, Russia, India, China, and Korea. Plus, my friends, it’s still Oregon: It seems that no matter where they are originally from, people are breast-feeding in public and their kids are eating out of cloth snack bags.

The best cheap ethnic food around is in Beaverton. You can get great Mexican food in Oregon pretty much anywhere, but North Indian? Middle Eastern? South Indian? It’s all in Beaverton! Chennai Masala, near our house, smells like Kerala and has crispy, potato-filled dosa every day. This is a big threat to our budget.

Beaverton parks are awesome. You may be under a power line sometimes, but the Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec Department has fabulous facilities. K-Pants and I found a stroller exercise class at the complex next to our house that accepted us just as we were: screaming and out of shape. (Moms, check out Beaverton Baby Boot Camp. It’s awesome: woot, woot!). The Portland Timbers, our professional soccer team, also practices here, which provides some enjoyable eye candy.

Lastly, the commute to the high-tech forest is incredibly short. How do you think we ended up here in the first place? So although I do envy the incredible walkability and insane hipster-chicness of Portland’s East Side, seeing my husband for an extra hour and a half each day is totally worth living in the ‘burbs.


9 responses to “Song of the Suburbs: Oh, Beaverton!

  1. Awesome reading you again (you, my lass, need to publish a book!). I am totally coming and we are going to hit that Indian place. I will eat everything in sight and you will (patiently) listen as I groan and moan about my weight gain as I tell you that even water sticks to my hips.

    xoxo (it stands for hugs and kisses ;-)))

    ps kiss that head of hair for Amina; she keeps blaming K-pants for EVERYTHING that she does LOLLLLL

  2. I want to hit that city planning happy hour – sounds like a doozy!

    P.S. I agree, you should write a book!

  3. It was good to see your latest post! At least I know where I can find Indian food if I get to come to that state. I’ve been to Washington but not Oregon! As for the weight on my part–I’ve been on the mountain, doing Brazil Butt Lift and am about to re-incorporate Insanity. By the time I’m done, maybe I’ll qualify to wear an Emma Peel suit and wield some nunchucks for Halloween! Just kidding around! I really get a kick out of your posts! Seeing this makes me want to travel! 😀

  4. So happy that youve settled in and that you are liking the neighborhood- beaverton sounds quirky and cool enough even if its not hipster central. Im jealous of your 2 min distance from trader joes!! Beats foodtown by 10 miles im sure… Enjoy & stay in touch! Evie & i miss you guys!

  5. It’s so funny to read about Beaverton from your POV. My company bought another company years ago – it’s in Beaverton- which none of us New Englanders had ever heard of. The people in the Beaverton office are SO nice but maybe a little, er, scattered at times. Your blog posts are explaining a lot. Ha!

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