We’re Back! Live from the Pacific Northwest!

Winter is always a bad time to cross the Rockies in a wagon train. Even though we went with air travel, Nor’easters hit hard as we were making our great escape. Amazingly, our flight was not canceled; so with the help of good friends and family, we fled the Big Apple just in time for the season premiere of Portlandia.

K-Pants and I have spent the last few weeks deciding what we should get first: lip rings, nerd glasses, or unicycles. Your thoughts appreciated.

With the crib finally put back together and our little family safely—if haphazardly—stowed in a cute, suburban house next to a park, Momsicle can finally come back to life. I thought we would be back last week, but it turns out I was crying into empty boxes and aimlessly watching K-Pants throw everything down the stairs, so no dice.

Here’s the new digs:

Cute, right? And there’s a garbage disposal and laundry inside.

It’s harder than I thought to unpack when you are pregnant, watching a toddler, and your husband is at work. (That’s right! BIG NEWS: Momsicle is adding another turtle to the herd!)

I’m used to being able to unpack in a day. But this go round, every box took an hour. I would unpack some things, take a power nap, then collect the items Mr. Pants threw down the stairs during the nap. So when the satellite TV people told me the pricing they had quoted was no longer valid, it was too much for this hormonal unpacker to take. Normally I would demand a manager until I got through to the CEO, but this time I threw myself on the floor and cried giant tears.

So it’s taken a little longer to get back online.

But I’m happy to report that the last box is out and we even have toilet paper. From the house we’re renting, Mr. Pants and I can walk to Mexican food, bagels, pizza, sushi, and coffee. It’s pregnant-lady dreamland. Wait! You might say. You could walk to that stuff in the Bronx. Almost true! But have you checked the temperatures and the snowfall in those parts? Ain’t nobody walking to bagels these days.

And when the walking rounds get old, I can get in my car and drive two minutes to Trader Joe’s where I can fill the back of my car with cheese and pizza dough. I know that Buddha tells us life is suffering, and I’m with you man, but a girl can still get high on a car full of cheese once a week to take the edge off.

Here’s K-Pants doing some grocery shopping:

So here’s a toast on Valentine’s Day to the things you love (cheese), to being at home (wherever that may be), and to family. My husband and I are thrilled to put the Pants down early tonight and enjoy frozen scallops from TJ’s and some Netflix from the comfort of our unpacked family room.

Happy V-Day, and I look forward to catching up with you soon!

32 responses to “We’re Back! Live from the Pacific Northwest!

  1. Evelyn (the other one)

    Wow, congratulations! I can’t imagine having to move across country with a toddler while pregnant. Kudos to you! May the morning sickness treat you gently. 🙂

    • Now you get to be the East Coast Evelyn and I’m the West Coast Evelyn. I like that we have both coasts covered. Haven’t had morning sickness, just general nausea and exhaustion. But it’s the exhaustion that’s kicked me in the tooshie. How’s our friend Isaac!? Hope to see you for some hiking and playing out here sometime!

      • Fantastic, I am excited about being the East Coast Evelyn! Isaac is an awesome toddler and is just exploding with the words. We would love to come visit – the husband loves the PNW and would kind of like to move there. I hope we can plan a trip soon!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

    And it’s unicycles, OBVIOUSLY.

  3. I say BIG FAT NERD GLASSES! With pigs on them! And Groucho Marx ‘tache and teef for the Pants!

    Welcome home in every sense of the phrase. We’ve missed you x

  4. Yay! You made it! Way cute house. I’m very excited for you. My vote is for lip rings or maybe just ring pops. Wouldn’t want the suburban neighbors to get the wrong impression. Speaking of life on Wisteria Lane, I enjoyed my first tabloid last night. Poor Eva Longoria. Makes me glad I’m not rich, famous, and complicated. Just really, really sleep deprived.
    Happy Valentines Day to you and everyone in your new house. 🙂

    • We got our friend a subscription to Us weekly as a b-day present and now I’m on the daily email list, which I confess is just the daily dose of mindless entertainment a pregnant-lady needs. What?! Christina fell again? She really should go to rehab! 😉
      Can’t wait to catch up on your expanded household!!!!!!

  5. OMG!!!!! Was that a “oops we did it again” moment or did you want another baby? I can’t see myself adding another one any time soon. I have been scarred for life lol. But congratulations to all 3 of you :-)))).

    Baby keeps mentioning k-pants EVERY single day and I am still sad 😦 that I lost a good friend.

    Nice to see you settled, or almost settled.

    PS I would go for the lip ring, just sayin’

    • You crack me UP! As usual. Yes, turtle number two was planned, but that’s not to say we know what we’re getting into. You’ve got to get yourself and baby over here! We have some Barefoot Contessa chocolate cake that is calling your name! I have like half a cake, and it was never a problem to get rid of it with good friends in the Bronx. Now it’s just sitting here all sad. 😦

  6. Congrats ten times over–house, baby, TJ’s. What more can you ask for? So glad to hear your voice in the blogosphere again.

    Lip ring, obviously.

    • Yay, bloggy friends! Can’t wait to scooch over to your blog. I already see I’ve missed out on living vicariously through some great trips of yours. Will send a pic of the lip ring. 😉

  7. So excited for you all! Congrats on the newest Mathew. When are you due? Hugs to all of you!!

  8. Congrats that you have now gotten past the unpacking hurdle, and that you are going to be a parent once again! As far as the cable packages, all I’ll say is that I hate Comcast! ‘Nuf said on that…They change every time you turn around, and my son was living near Seattle. I heard all about it. Needless to say I hope it’s not that company you were having to deal with! I liked Trader Joe’s too! Anyway, I really miss your blogs and am glad that you’re back!

    • Thanks for coming back over the the blog!! I sense the same disdain in you for the cable empires. It drives me crazy to spend so much money for poor service. Blerg! But they seem to have us trapped, don’t they?

  9. First off, congrats! And glad you made it to Portlandia safely. We need to do a visit before your herd of turtles gets too big though. I’ve been thinking about a road trip up there to visit my various friends and old haunts. Maybe this summer??? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! (I have a hot date with some Wensleydale tonight. Jealous?)

  10. Auntie CarmenRose

    and you forgot to mention the great free daycare help you’ve been getting 🙂

  11. Welcome home! I’m voting for lip ring for you and nerd glasses for k-pants.

    I also moved with a 2-yr-old child when I was newly pregnant. Thankfully we didn’t have to move as far as you did, but unpacking is still a bitch. But your house is adorable — and your car trip to Trader Joe’s sounds great!

    And for what it’s worth, when we moved out of that house 8 months later, I STILL hadn’t finished unpacking — so feel pretty impressed with yourself if you’re already done!

    Oh, and congrats on the new baby!

    • Won’t he look so cute in nerd glasses? 😉 For the unpacking, it helped that we put a bunch of boxes in the closet and just left the stuff in them. We’ll probably move again in the near future, and apparently it doesn’t get any easier, so why unpack everything? So did you move TWICE when you were pregnant? Is there an award for that?

  12. Evelyn! Such fabulous news! Congratulations!!

  13. Congrats Ev and Co.!!! I’m glad to hear you are helping to re-populate the earth with funny, smart, and slightly bizarre people such as ourselves!

  14. Glad you’re back to the blog, even though barefoot (birkenstocked?) and preggo! Sounds like you’re ready for company to re-explore your hometown as an adult (or as close as you are likely to get).

  15. Preggers! Left coast! Cute house! Trader Joe’s! Everything’s coming up sunshine for you! Wahoooo!

    (And: Welcome back to blogland!)

    (And also: I live on the right coast, have nerd glasses, and wear Birks. And I am not in Vermont. Go figure.)

    • Thanks for the welcome back! Can’t wait to pop over to your blog and keep reading.

      BTW: Are you secretly from the Pacific Northwest and/or New Hampshire? Nerd glasses, Birkenstocks… The signs are all there.

      • I’ve worn Birks since age 16. And I’m getting new nerd glasses next week. Never lived on the left coast or NH. So – yes, it’s true – hippies exist elsewhere! Can you believe it?!

  16. Congratulations!!! My hubbie used to live in Hillsboro!

    • You are kidding?! Well he’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Big change from New York. We’re still enjoying the ball A brought us in the Bronx. Hope you are well! 🙂

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