We’re Heading West!

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? I’ve been down on New York for a few months now. It’s lost its luster. Walking down the street, I used to think, “I live here! Can you believe it!?” Now, when I’m down in Midtown I think, “Can’t I just get a hotel and pretend I’m a tourist? Do I really have to get on the subway and go home?”

The subway system is a cruel joke on thinking individuals. The MTA recently put up signs intended to improve rider confidence:

Instead of waiting until everything in a station is broken, now we fix something right when it breaks.

Which Mercedes-driving MTA executive got that brilliant idea one morning and sent it to the PR team? “Tell them we’ll fix things right when they need fixing! It’s cutting edge! They’ll eat that sh*& up!”

But it’s really not the city that’s changed, it’s me of course.

I used to weather subway delays because I had a good book or The New Yorker. Now I have a squirming toddler who’s trying to lick the subway poles and hold a screaming contest. Instead of being able to skip up the subway stairs, I have to carry the toddler and stroller sherpa-style.

So we’ve been thinking about a move for a little while.

Our immediate families aren’t in New York, so we cast our net out to our family hubs. We looked online at all the space we could get. And that same excitement that we had when we sold our cars to rely on public transit is back, but in the opposite direction. I can’t wait to have wheels again so I can drive to Trader Joe’s anytime I want. I can fill my cart with blue cheese and gouda and not worry about having to carry it home with the toddler, relying only on my biceps for support.

So here’s the BIG NEWS that is rocking our world: this big-city family is packing everything onto a covered wagon and hitting the Oregon Trail.

We are moving to Portland, OR! Next week!

Hopefully we won’t get cholera along the way. I also hear the winter is a bad time to cross the Rockies in a wagon train.

I’m not sure what the change in scenery will mean for me. Will I be nicer? Less sarcastic? Will I stop running people over with the stroller? I’m going to try my hardest not to get into any knife fights during the first few months of big city detox.

In the meantime, please send some good vibes thissa-way. Momsicle’s going to be on hiatus until February, when it will come back slightly schizophrenic, full of cheese, and wearing Birkenstocks with socks.

Bon voyage!

32 responses to “We’re Heading West!

  1. Woah there!!! That’s quite a move! Best of luck, and I’ll miss ya ’til then.

  2. I will miss our urban adventures more than I could possibly put into words, but I am so happy that you are moving to where your heart is. You’ll just have to figure out another way to exercise those ‘ceps. xx

    • I’ll be posting about how wonderful it is and masking all the rough stuff just to get you out to visit! 🙂 Banjo would love it. I’ll miss you dearly. We’ll have to come up with some fun coast-to-coast blog challenges…

  3. Wow, super! I am envious and inspired. 1) because PDX/Oregon are the coolest and I’d love to live there, and 2) because you are moving to be near family. I think I am feeling the same way about SF that you were about NY, and after the holidays at home, the big city seems lonely and pointlessly far away from the people I love. Granted SoCal, is not as cool as Portland, but it’s something I need to consider. At any rate, you’ll be on the West Coast and that’s closer to me. Maybe some visits and cheese adventures are in our near(er) future!

    • I’m not surprised to hear this post-holidays, Cait–with such great pics of family and cheese on FB. You come to a point where you make hard decisions about your priorities. I could see you carving out a little cheese cave in SoCal. In the meantime, can we please see each other for a beer and some of your cheddar?

  4. Evelina! I couldn’t be happier about your move! I can’t wait for all the adventures we are going to have when you join us back in the Homeland. My only regret is missing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons with you. Oh well…something else amazing will come our way–probably served up with a nice big wedge of cheese and a glass of Willamette Valley wine.

  5. Woooo!!! Nate and I definitely need to visit soon. 🙂 Mom told me you were thinking of coming out West and I’m SO excited!! Maybe I will get to meet cute little K-Pants sooner than I think. Good luck with the move! In Central Cali today it’s in the 30-40s…kind of cold, but Oregon will be beautiful and green! Congratulations on the move.

  6. I wish you well on your journey! I didn’t live in OR, but I heard it is beautiful there. Portland isn’t exactly a small city though, but you won’t have the subway issues–or the bicep issues so much, I think 😉 !

    I used to lug the youngest everywhere while chasing the older two…I felt like an Olympic athlete at the end of a given day! I can definitely relate to scream fests and such too because my youngest, Kevin, engaged in them rather frequently…LOL I thought something was wrong because the older two didn’t do that! Have a great trip! I look forward to your updates when you come back!

    Happy New Year!

    • I didn’t realize you had THREE kids! Wow! Kudos, bravo, good work! And, yes, we got the screaming fits with the first one, so maybe that means if we have more they won’t think screaming is so fun??

  7. So many congrats, Ev. I know how happy this move is going to make you! I can’t wait to see how ‘Momsicle’ evolves in Portland!

  8. Auntie CarmenRose

    YES! I can’t wait to see you guys! I get to start up my Aunite Daycare center! Carmalized onion will need to make a date soon. I am so excited! I finally get to see my baby nephew, sister, and brother-in-law more than once a year! Let the fun begin! 🙂

  9. Evelyn (the other one)

    Wow! Good luck with the move, I hope it goes well! My husband says (in a plaintive voice), “Tell her to move us out there tooooooo!” Can you tell he desperately wants to move to the Pacific NW?

  10. Wow! What a big change!
    Congrats & good luck….

  11. Wow! Be careful driving – can you say “Donner Party?” Can’t wait to visit you there! And P.S., wine-tasting sounds great!

  12. Can’t wait until you get here!

  13. Great news! It means I will get to see you again in a few weeks!!! Looking forward to it already! I will be in touch! Wishing you all the very best with you exciting move!!! It sounds brillant and I’m sure Grandpa Larry is ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Congrats on the big move! Very exciting stuff. We moved a couple of years ago and I thought it would transform me. It didn’t. I’m a the same snarky bitch I always was, just surrounded by nice people who don’t get me.

    Portland is a great city! Good luck getting through the work of moving, and onto the excitement of re-inventing your life!

  15. your buddy @ http://notabilia.wordpress.com/
    directed me your way. I will also be a Portland resident soon (originally from Chicago) and love to meet people with cool blog names.

    It will be nicer, yes. Less sarcastic, don’t count on it cause really, sarcasm kinda funny sometimes. Schizos are ok, but it’s wet in PDX, you probably want to invest in some Hunter boots and ditch the berks until summer, but you will enjoy Oregon. It is a beautiful state.

  16. David Gillaspie

    You picked a great time to move back to Oregon. Hope it’s a good trip. I’m an Oregonian who moved to Brooklyn and back. Made the return on a bus out of Port Authority due to airline strike. Not the recommended way to go.

    If you need a new outlook on your old stomping grounds,

    You’ll make Oregon better by bringing some of that NYC along. And you won’t miss the gritty subway air that comes in front of the train.


    • A bus out of Port Authority! Now that’s as close to a wagon train as you’ll get these days. We’ve got a flight, but there’s more snow in the forecast, so who knows how we’ll actually arrive back in the Beaver State.

      Thanks for posting about the Central Library. It’s one of my favorite buildings in Portland, and I can’t wait to go back. In the meantime, I’ll be watching the Ducks on the 10th!

  17. Yay! Congrats! You must tweet whilst on the Oregon trail. You can’t totally disconnect!!!! Good luck with the move!

  18. Did you guys arrive safely? I saw Mr. Bradley and he said that your flight was delayed. Amina keeps calling “Kenny, Kenny, Kenny.” It breaks my heart 😦

    Love you guys and miss you

  19. Hope all the moving is going well! I’m sure you’re exhausted, but will be good once you’re settled in. Just don’t do socks with Birkenstocks — okay? Birks, yes. But socks, no. Even though you’re not in NYC, you should still hold true to some standards 😉

  20. Oregon sounds nice. I always thought I would like to live in NYC but only temporarily and definitely not with kids. Maybe someday haha.

    Good luck on your move!

  21. Same Kadja here! New domain and such…I hope you are getting settled in well! Missing your posts already!

  22. Missing your blogs! Hope that things are going well and that the weather is not as abominable there as it has been in Brooklyn! 😀

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