12 Days of Recuperation

I think it’s after Christmas that the holiday season really shines.

We did homemade Christmas this year, so I can’t say that I got all caught up in the sales and gluttony. But there always seems to be one point in December when I look with dread at the week ahead and think: I’m not going to make it. I want to pull a K-Pants and throw the couch cushions on the floor, curl up with Blankie, and stick my fingers in mouth.

This is what my mom likes to call a low bean count. Apparently we all have a bean pile that allows us to keep going, but at certain times, the beans are low. We’ve made too many potluck chilis, glued too many beans to homemade magnets, exploded too many proverbial pressure cookers of unfinished lentil stew. There are barely enough beans left in the pile to hang up the stockings, let alone call the city about missing stop signs or get a plumber to fix the gunshot noise the dishwasher is making.

But now we’ve made it through Christmas.

The stockings are still hung by the fire with care (or below the fake wreath next to the TV). The adrenaline is gone, and we can finally settle in for a long winter’s nap.

My husband and I have been in our PJs for most of the last few days. A blizzard has come through to maroon us in case we were thinking of going anywhere, and the Pants has started sleeping until 8 a.m. With all the presents opened, all we have to do is eat magic cookie bars and watch Netflix.

It’s a little secret that the 12 Days of Christmas start after Christmas. This is when the Wise Men were on their a road trip, and the shepherds were all aglow (not hitting after-Christmas sales). I think that if the poor shepherds were able to curl up to Star Wars or About a Boy, warm cup of hot chocolate in-hand, they might have ditched the sheep.

So enjoy your down time between Christmas and the acceleration of the New Year. Try to keep a warm mug of something in hand, and a blankie nearby.



7 responses to “12 Days of Recuperation

  1. Good post. I feel really fortunate that I have the freedom to take the whole week between Christmas and New Years off to spend with my family. Such a luxury (and am vicariously disturbed by my friends posting on FB about how they are back at work.) My mind inadvertently drifts to the To-Dos of next week, but I am trying my hardest to live in the moment, relax and enjoy the other (downhill) side of Christmas.

  2. I need it, and even though I’m on Break (as a teacher) I’m only marginally getting anything like that. Too much drama, too much stress. I keep wanting to crawl into a hole, preferably with MTL and a few good books, and pull the cover over us.

  3. I definitely need it, and am now relaxing since I’m off! I don’t have little ones any more, but I’ll curl up with that SLANKET my mother got me on my birthday, which was on Thanksgiving Day this year, and curl up with a book and cup of hot cocoa w/marshmallows in it! I’ve broken every diet rule at Mother’s house, so what’s a few more days?

    I can relate to Teachermommy’s post too! I’m still trying to get a contract, but I am working at least! For that I am grateful! I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and I can’t wait for it! I’m going to get back on track, back into the Insanity workouts (the Shaun T version), back to my mountain and OFF of the sugar!

    This was a wonderful post! Grabbing my slanket right now! 😉

    • The slanket: Nice!! I think it’s silly to diet over the holidays. I know there are merits to keeping with the routine, but personally I just can’t resist the Christmas cookies. Not much better than a magic cookie bar or a truffle!

      Tell us how going off the sugar works out–I’m very impressed and want to try it.

  4. You’re so right — this is the best week. My office is closed and my husband takes a few days off. It’s almost like our annual beach week (without the beach and the warm temps, of course). Enjoy!

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