Wordless Wednesday: For My Foodies at Christmas

If you are coming from They Draw and Cook, WELCOME! I am a New York–based writer and copyeditor (with a secret passion for illustration). Click here to see the photo of the lox terrine! Read on for more to make your mouth water…

If you can’t get to New York City for Christmas, or you’ve turned into too much of a Scrooge to bundle up and hit the streets, here’s a truly mouth-watering winter day on the town. See if you can guess what and where (scroll over the picture to find out).

8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: For My Foodies at Christmas

  1. Three of my favourite things, and you done ’em without me!!! Next time, you might just find me popping up unexpectedly…

  2. That hot chocolate looks amazing… home made marshmallow?! Nice photo too – so picturesquely drippy. Yum!

  3. oh. my. yums-ville. I feel the calories globbing to my hips as I look at those photos.

  4. Man, that is torture. Being allergic to chocolate is particularly rough this time of year!

  5. Did you eat them in that order because what’s the fun of being and adult if you don’t get dessert first? YUM!

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