Versatile Blogger Award Winners

This is my first chance to take a deep breath since the holiday season rocked and rolled into town like a runaway C train. Copyediting classes are over, Christmas cards are out, the marathon line at the post office is tackled. Time to hit the rails with K-Pants—praying that the MTA will safely deliver us to all the salted-caramel hot chocolate and giant cookies we can drink and eat while ogling holiday displays.

Before the Pants and I get roasted-chestnut smoke blown in our faces by the hot dog vendors, I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award. Cyndi at MyConvertibleLife gave Momsicle this award before Thanksgiving (I forget what I bribed her with). Cyndi is based in North Carolina and you feel like bosom-buddies just reading her posts. Go check her out! And THANK YOU, Cyndi, for the love!

In keeping with the terms of the award, you’ll find a list of several  (7–10) random things you may or may not know about Momsicle, and a list of new award-winners whom I love to read (up t0 10).

Things Some of You Already Know About Me:

  1. I make a really excellent horse noise. Some people in our building probably think there’s a pony illegally living in our apartment. K-Pants is working on his horse noise and it’s coming along nicely thanks to genetic predisposition.
  2. I am a bell-ringer: big, Quasimodo-style bells that are followed by beer, not white-glove bells followed by Chardonnay.
  3. I am the least fashionable member of my family and the worst shopper.
  4. I make a mean spicy marinara sauce.
  5. I would like to edit cook books, and write and illustrate kids books.
  6. My veins flow with cookie dough.
  7. If I were a TV character, I would be Cam from Modern Family.
  8. I wear a pig hat for most of the winter.

And now, drum roll please…

Here are my Versatile Blogger Award winners. Move your little mouse down there and give ‘em a click!

Just Step On It: Go here for beautifully written posts on blended family life.

Fizgiggery: Go here for a delicious dose of blog antipasto.

Milk’s Leap: Go here to pretend like you’re at the forefront of the slow food movement.

Lightbulb Books Blog: Go here to get inspired to follow your creative pursuits while parenting two boys.

Notabilia: Go here to pretend like you are discovering the streets of Singapore while living a glamorous, ex-pat life.

Dumb Mommy: Go here to become a better parent, laugh, and get the chills—all at the same time.

8 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award Winners

  1. Oh, thank you, thank you!

  2. That hat? Very fashion-forward in my opinion.

  3. Auntie CarmenRose


  4. Thank you so much! And you are are hardly unfashionable. You are the only person I know who can pull off hot-pink or turquoise tights with aplomb!

  5. Not sure if I told you this already, but I love your hat even more than the compliments you sent my way 🙂

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