Join me in writing great travel tips!

Hi Blog Readers, Fellow Bloggers, and Friends!

In anticipation of the holiday season, I’m writing a post on travel tips for toddlers.  Air travel generally sucks, but with a little wild beastie it can be like a bad horror film. When we started traveling with K-Pants, I did a search online for travel tips and wasn’t very impressed with what I found, so I thought now is the time to put up our own content.

Will you join me? You don’t have to have kids or a blog (though both are great).

What: Write up a few of your best travel tips or stories. They might be about air travel with two kids, 20-hour flights, road trips with an infant–whatever you’ve survived that sounded slightly crazy or totally insane at the outset.

If you have a blog… Join me in posting on the Monday before Thanksgiving at 10am. I’ll send out links beforehand so that you can post links to other travel tips entries at the top or bottom of your blog entry. Linking across blogs is a great way to highlight content and promote traffic!

If you don’t have a blog… Write-up your thoughts/tips and I will post them on Momsicle following the first travel tips entry.

If you want to participate, send your thoughts or interest to evshoop[at]yahoo[dot]com, so I can coordinate links and get posts ready.

Have a great week!

7 responses to “Join me in writing great travel tips!

  1. How funny…Anup and I have been working on a website that focuses on just that! Will keep you posted!

  2. I would love to contribute! I am sick right now with the kids from too much traveling! HA! I will get them to you as soon as my hubby brings me the good drugs and I start to feel human again!

  3. I plan to join in, since we travel a lot by plane and car with the 2 kids, and have since #1 was 2 months old…..

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