Little Red Lighthouse & the Big Gray Bridge

I’m a member of a small shenanigan team here in New York City. We’ve been operating under-the-radar since 2005.

Our 2006 blow-out involved pretending to drive the J Train with our noses pressed against the glass of the front car, downing pommes frites at the eponymous dive-joint, getting blessed with holy oils at the Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral, checking out the Japanese toy scene, eating Afghani food on pillows, and having a little Turkish Delight at Russ & Daughters—all in about six salty, religious hours.

The Shenan team has reproduced and lost disposable income matured, and on Monday we went out with our Shenan-lets for some kid-friendly, wallet-approved adventure. Nothing like a round-trip ride on the Bx13 bus from Yankee Stadium to Washington Heights to entertain some toddlers.

However, the true highlight was the Little Red Lighthouse. It’s the little lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge made famous in the 1940s by the children’s book by Hildegarde Swift.

You may think this is a nice afternoon outing, but a rather tame shenanigan. However, the official website instructions on getting to the bright beauty include phrases such as “cross the railroad tracks” and “walk under the overpass.” That’s about as much shenan as two mothers can take on a lovely fall day. But, oh, is it worth it! Turn a corner on a small little path, and suddenly you are on the banks of the majestic Hudson looking at the New York City skyline flirting with you in the distance.

Here’s a pic of the Shenan-lets doing their thing.

And here’s the adult pay-off.

After you make it back up the hill from under the overpass and across the tracks (to grandmother’s house we go…), stop at Moscow on the Hudson, a Russian/European gourmet food market on 181st, strangely nestled in New York’s Dominican capital. You can buy a Barak Obama matrushka doll (apparently he’s not Muslim, he’s Russian Orthodox), but we opted for some pastries that everyone could shove in their little faces.

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