City Stroller Derby

These are mean streets. A friend of a friend came to visit and was surprised at how nice New Yorkers were…except when you got in their way on the sidewalk. Amen: get out of my way, tourists and slow people. I have to get to daycare before 6 pm and I have about 45 seconds per block. I will use my laser eyes to destroy you, if necessary. However, this is tame compared to leaving daycare. Because then I’m armed with the stroller (pronounced “zee strohler”).

K-Pants and I seem like an innocent picture—the sidewalk equivalent of an old lady in the freeway slow lane—a woman in a furry, winter pig hat pushing a Graco stroller with an adorable baby in three layers of fleece. How cute! Until we cut you off and clip your ankles.

Pretend like you are a tourist from Des Moines, Iowa walking down the street in the Theater District. Here come K-Pants and I. You think: “A baby! So adorable! How do they raise kids in New York City?!” By this time, you start to wonder if you should move out-of-the-way or if I will swerve with the stroller, but it’s already too late. I’m coming too fast. You’ve eaten too many hot dogs. “Oh my God! Helen! [your sister from Muncie] That woman ran over my Aerosoles!”


5 responses to “City Stroller Derby

  1. Auntie CarmenRose

    Haha! So funny. This reminds me of when you said you realize your becoming an angry new yorker!

  2. I love your blog, evie! Anne says hi!

  3. Evelyn,
    You are soooooo funny!! Just read your blogs and they cracked me up!! Each one is funnier and cuter than the next!!! Fantastic!!
    Hope all is well with you, Dinesh and Kanan – so, so sorry that I havent been in touch – long email to follow soon I promise!
    All the best, your Irish friend – Bridget 😉

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